Tourist attraction

Castles and monasteries
The monastery of Orval is located at a stone’s throw from the camping site. This is where you can find the Cistercian abbey but also where the homonymous beer is brewed. The area around the campsite bulks with tourist attractions. In Jamoigne, you can find a neo-gothic castle and in Avioth a gothic basilica. There are even more ancient historical venues
around: near Chameleux, you can visit an archaeological site from the time of the Gauls and the Romans. Definitely worth a visit are the fort of Bouillon
(19 km) and, in Sedan (28 km), the largest castle in Europe.

Theatre festival

Every year, the theatre festival in the neighbouring village of Chassepierre attracts thousands of street theatre, music and entertainment enthusiasts to the Ardennes. You can find more information on