The peaceful Walloon villages of Chassepierre and Sainte-Cécile are within walking distance. There is a village pub in Sainte-Cécile, as well as a restaurant. The neighbouring village of Chassepierre is known as an artists’ village. Generation upon generation of painters have captured the village on canvas. They found their inspiration with the Saint-Martin church and the fairy grotto. Every year, an open-air theatre festival takes places in August.
In the town of Florenville, you can do all your shopping. This little provincial town is the heart of the region.

This region holds a richness in local products: wines, cheeses, beers, greens. They are used to prepare hefty local dishes like e.g. Touffaye (stewed potatoes) or Cabu roussi (browned cabbage). There are a few excellent restaurants in the area that certainly have those dishes on their menus, e.g. La Vieille Ferme (the old farm) in Chassepierre and the Hostellerie and La Forgerie, both located in Sainte-Cécile.